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A safe and healthy workplace

In the workplace, ergonomics are about achieving the right working posture, workplace design and the prevention of repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomic accessories support the efficient and safe execution of work.  Working in conjunction with BakkerElkhuizen, specialist in developing high-end ergonomic hard and software solutions, Ahrend provides a workplace that is safe and healthy.

More effectiveness, fewer complaints

The right ergonomic accessories positively support your work. For example, using a laptop holder results in a 17% increase in productivity, 32% less neck strain and 21% more comfort. Document holders shorten the viewing distance between display, document, and keyboard, increasing productivity. Choose a compact keyboard to shorten the reaching distance to the mouse and lighten the strain on the forearms and shoulders.  With an ergonomic mouse you can reduce muscle tension and prevent  wrist and forearm injuries. Meaning you work more effectively and with fewer complaints.


    Ergonomic mice
  • Design, comfort and relaxation working as one
  • Vertical mice that encourage a natural forearm position
  • The 'hand shake' posture of vertical mice, means the wrist bends less from side to side and the forearm needs to twist less inwards, reducing muscle activity
  • Wireless option
  • Models: Evoluent 4 (Wireless), DXT Precision Mouse (Wireless), Grip Mouse and Laser Mouse Design
    Laptop stands and document holders
  • Reduce the viewing distance between display, document and keyboard with a laptop or document holder
  • Less neck strain and more comfort
  • Increases productivity
  • Laptop standard models with ‘in-line’ document holder: Ergo-Q 260, Ergo-Q 330
  • Document holder models: FlexDesk 640, Q-doc 515
  • Lightweight, slim and compact
  • Suitable for laptop and desktop PC
  • Conveniently placed navigation keys
  • Light laptop keystroke
  • Without numeric keypad to reduce mouse-length
  • Optional matching numerical part
  • Models: S-board 840 USB hub, S-board 840 Design Numeric, C-board 810

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