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Plug in and start working

Royal Ahrend Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam 190728

Built in or built on ?

Large conference tables, flexible work desks or fixed workstations. Every way of working has a different set of needs, and we have the right solution for every one. For example, neatly concealing an electrical socket by building it into a tabletop. This brings a cool and collected feel to a conference table or desk.

Or would you rather stay flexible? In that case, choose a modular product. No need for a hole in the tabletop. When your needs change in future, it's a simple matter to change things around. Our experts will gladly help you navigate the choices.
Royal Ahrend Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam 190724
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Safety first

All electrification products meet the prevailing safety standards. They are manufactured from high-quality materials and comply with the NEN 1010 standard. We can install electrification products safely and appropriately on your premises (NEN 3140).


We offer an appropriate product assortment for clients all around the world. Wherever you are based, we will find you the right solution. Our experts know the local regulations and provide an appropriate service. Our electrification expert is also familiar with the local regulations, so we can always find you the right solution.
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Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 34
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Desk 2

This modular power strip is a RedDot Award winner. Tastefully designed and at home in any office. Versatility is assured as all modules can be used to bring power to your desk along with USB-A, USB-C and data.

Top access

This built-in unit is designed with a minimal look. The electrical point is flush with the tabletop. A flap conceals the electrical points, making it easy to clean and keep the desk tidy. The hole placements in the tabletop are predetermined, so that the locations are always the same and the cut is always professionally done.
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Wireless charging with the PuK

Put an end to the hassle of plugs and forgotten chargers. The Ahrend PuK is an integrated workplace solution for the wireless charging of smartphones, offering added comfort and ease of use in your workplace. Place your phone in the charging spot; the PuK charges it easily and efficiently with the Qi technology. That's neater, more hygienic and more sustainable. The PuK has been rewarded with a GIO Award for Good Industrial Design.


    What can Ahrend do for you
  • Good advice
  • Tailored to the customer's needs and requirements
  • Choice of products
  • Installation of electrification
  • Evaluation of use
  • Installation of electrification
  • Products are NEN 1010 compliant, installation is NEN 3140 compliant
  • Standard solutions for NL, B, FR, P, CZ, UK
  • Custom solutions for the rest of the world
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