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Designed for teamwork

One of the main pillars of the corporate culture at Verizon is cooperation. The company supports diverse team compositions and personal growth amongst its staff, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but above all because it makes sense from a business perspective. Perfectly functioning teams enable customers to receive a faster and better service.

Ergonomic furniture

The Ostrava office is distinguished by its diversity and an emphasis on customer satisfaction . In the common areas – conference rooms, the canteen and relax zones – a varied collection of furniture is used, including chairs from various designers and items such as Persian rugs. The workstations are highly ergonomic and electronically height-adjustable;  the perfect solution for dynamic teams. They enable users to work in a standing or seated position, and are an essential part of a modern office. 

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‘The interiors combine colours and playful elements in the common areas, and more restrained colours in the work zones.’
Charles Loupal Architect
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Pleasant and functional

Ing. arch. Karel Loupal, Project Manager: ‘Our task for the Verizon office was to create a detailed concept that provides users with an attractive, pleasant and functional working environment. The offices have a practical design and use high-quality materials. The interiors combine colours and playful elements in the common areas, and more restrained colours in the work zones. Wood is present throughout the interior, and this gives the space a homely feel and an effective visual motif.

Finest details

MgA. Milan Začal, Senior Sales Director Ahrend: ‘We completed the project down to the finest detail. The more involved we become in a project right from the beginning, the better the result we achieve at the end. I am very happy with how the client, the CBRE project management team and our team all worked together. We produced several mock-ups, discussed them and then successfully delivered the furnishings.’


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