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For us it was a truly historic contract and at the same time challenging. Undoubtedly, one of the keys to success was the very beneficial and flexible cooperation between all stakeholders: the CBRE Group project manager, representatives of LEGO Trading, the London firm BDG Architects and us. We found common ground in the requirements on details, materials and the processing of the furniture, so everything fits into the required concept.

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Employee satisfaction

The most fundamental aspect of fulfilling the client's concept was clearly an understanding of the LEGO Group's employee philosophy. It is something that this 90-year-old company places great emphasis on - providing its employees with an appropriate environment where they feel good and where they can be themselves in the best sense of the word. An environment that encourages you to be a proud LEGO employee and that defines a diverse organisation that inspires children around the world without distinction.

‘The team of Ahrend was a very good partner during the whole process.’
Jan Růžička BI Director LEGO REEMEA

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LEGO   landscapem
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New experience

Martina Nováková, Project Manager at Ahrend: “When it comes to the implementation phase, due to our cooperation with a foreign architect, it was a new experience for me and the team. Communication and modelling via CBRE as the contracting body took place only remotely via e-mail or by post.

I am most proud of how we managed to produce a non-standard reception area made of Corian® artificial stone, which visually imitates a structure made from giant LEGO® cubes. The project was also demanding in terms of its scope; around 1,600 m2 was fitted with standard office furniture, custom-made furniture for the reception area, meeting rooms and relaxation zones, including the installation of extensive interior greenery.”

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LEGO about Ahrend

An important aspect of the project was to incorporate the company's internal values - playfulness, creativity, fun and quality - into our new premises. When choosing materials and furnishing items, we placed emphasis on ergonomics, quality and sustainability. In addition to the LEGO® theme, we worked with a combination of wood and plants as much as possible. At the same time, we gave preference to Czech suppliers when choosing furnishings. I believe that we succeeded in all of the above thanks to the excellent cooperation with representatives from Ahrend, who were very good partners during the whole process.

Jan Růžička, BI Director LEGO REEMEA

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