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Ergo plus collection

Welcome to the overview page for Uber employees. As a sustainable partner of Uber, we look forward to providing you with an ergonomic and attractive workplace at home! By choosing Ahrend, you choose to exceed ergonomic standards, durability and design.

Ordering with coupon code

The furniture from the Ergo plus collection is available from stock and will be delivered to your home within 3 - 5 working days. You can redeem the coupon code provided by Uber in the shopping cart.
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Zinn Smart

Zinn Smart desk chair stands for ergonomic, stylish and above all comfortable seating. Zinn Smart is an office chair with flexible back and adjustable lumbar support for good support while working from home. The dynamic synchronous mechanism with forward seating in the Zinn Smart makes variety comfortable while sitting. In combination with the 3D armrests, this office chair is complete according to the NEN EN 1335 and BIFMA standards.

Ahrend 2020 Verta

With the optimal seating comfort and the Ahrend 2020 Home edition is the ideal desk chair for your home workplace. You adapt the chair to your body and activity in an instant. The functions are easily controlled from sitting position by the intuitively placed buttons with bright icons. In addition to the height of your seat, determine the depth of your seat with the unique Comfort slide mechanism. You can also set how smoothly your backrest moves backwards. Make the chair even more personal by perfectly adjusting the 3D armrests in height, width and depth. The Ahrend 2020 Home does not have a tilting seat.
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Ahrend Home desk

The Ahrend Home Collection is a series of stylish, stable desks that are adjustable in seat height. It also meets the highest ergonomic standards so you're always in a good place. With the manual height adjustment, you can inform this home work desk that best suits your work situation. The collection is available in different configurations. Choose the legs and blade that best suit your home workplace. This makes working from home even more enjoyable.

Home Desk Sits Standing

The Ahrend Home Collection is a stylish series, stable sit-stand desks. With the electrical height adjustment, you inform the desk that best suits your work situation. Alternate between sitting and standing at the touch of a button. The agency also meets the highest ergonomic standards, so you are always in the right place. This sit-stand homework desk is available in various configurations. Choose the legs and blade that best suit your home workplace.
Royal Ahrend Balance workstation in white with grey maple worktop front right view

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact the Ahrend customer service representative by phone on 088-0061500, or