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Combine style and quality

The design of the Ahrend Sliding Door Cabinet combines style and functionality and matches perfectly with other Ahrend furniture lines. The robust and sleek exterior of the sliding door and the high-quality steel top give the cabinet a uniform appearance that suits every open-plan office. 

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  • Perforation surfaces are organised on the basis of file height
  • Cabinet can be adjusted from the inside to compensate for uneven floors
  • Perforated doors with recycled acoustic material
  • Various furnishings possible with shelves, pull-out frames, blocking frames and consultation shelves
  • Top finish with cover top or planter made of powder-coated steel
  • Acoustic steel back walls (ISO 354)
  • Soft close mechanism
  • Wide choice of paint colors and top decors

Sustainability and modular

The Ahrend Sliding Door Cabinet is fully recyclable and has a long lifespan thanks to its very high quality (tested in accordance with NEN-EN 14073). The sliding door cabinet has a modular structure. Parts can easily be replaced or upgraded. The cabinet is also easy to adapt to changing needs and therefor lasts longer.
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Recycled acoustic material

The inside of the perforated doors of the Ahrend Sliding Door Cabinet is equipped with acoustic material. This improves the acoustic comfort in the office and thus the productivity of employees.

The acoustic material used contributes to sustainability goals. It consists of 77% recycled textile waste from the clothing and interior design industry. Also, it can be reused in the Ahrend Revived Collection at the end of its life cycle. The technical lifespan of the material is up to 75 years; so it can last several life cycles. We also separate the cutting waste in the factory so that it is suitable for the supplier's recycling program.

More advantages of recycled acoustic material can be found in the brochure that you can download on this page.

Royal Ahrend Showroom in Rotterdam 08A
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Ahrend Sliding door cabinet in white with round perforation front detail view
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