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Refurbished silence call

The Silence Call is the ideal place to make a telephone call without distraction and without disturbing your co-workers. This phone booth can be placed wherever you wish in your office space. We offer a collection of refurbished Silence Calls that will bring silence and concentration back into your work environment, in a sustainable way!  

The benefits of a quiet work environment

The hybrid character of the modern workplace, with so many people working from home, means the office has increasingly become a meeting place. This kind of energetic work environment can be very pleasant, but sometimes all you need is focus, concentration and peace – in other words, silence. Ultimately, silence has a positive effect on how we work; we become more effective and make fewer mistakes. This is why we developed the Ahrend Silence collection. The refurbished phone booth makes it easy to retreat into a quiet work environment.  

Refurbished Silence Call: a sustainable solution

Like all of our products, the refurbished Silence Call is designed from a circular perspective. The acoustic phone booth is modular in construction, meaning that all the components are easily replaced and upgraded. Furthermore, all of the materials are high-quality and subject to minimal wear and tear, lasting for years. The telephone box is also built according to the idea that it can change over time, along with your workplace and your needs.    

Revitalised Silence Call

The refurbished Silence Call cabins look new but have been previously used in a business environment. There may be slight traces of use but we always guarantee that quality is completely maintained. We take the phone booths back and, following a high-quality revitalisation, reuse them and give them new life. The revitalisation consists of:

  • Comprehensive technical inspection
  • Checking acoustic functionalities
  • Replacing any components if necessary
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Checking the refurbished Silence Call for ergonomics and accompanying functionalities

Shut yourself off from the busy office environment for a moment in a Silence Call that is as good as new.