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Refurbished space-in-space

Work environments change fast, especially in the times we live in. There are open-plan offices and flexible shared workspaces. This means that we are continuously connected, but it also means we’re easily distracted. In response to this, we offer refurbished space-in-space solutions. In this case, a transparent, enclosed meeting box within your sustainable work environment. 

Focus and concentration in the workplace   

We can now return to the office more often, so it’s high time we set up the workplace for hybrid working. Our flexible space-in-space solutions allow you to create focus and comfort, with optimum acoustics and ventilation. Retreat into the acoustic cabin at any time:

  • For an important phone call
  • To concentrate on an approaching deadline
  • For an online meeting
  • Or to use the refurbished Space-in-Space for a task that demands your full attention

As the meeting box is transparent, you still feel connected to the rest of the work environment. 

Refurbished meeting box

In 2021, there’s no avoiding online meetings, but they can be disruptive for your co-workers, especially in an open-plan office. Even so, you don’t want to be shut off from others all day long. This is why Ahrend developed three types of Space-in-Space solutions: the Flexbox, the Qabin Collection and the Silence Collection. These Space-in-Space solutions are now also available in revitalised form: the refurbished meeting box. 

Sustainable, modular phonebooths

A meeting box, a call box or a phonebooth; these are all terms that users have given to our flexible meeting rooms. The intention is the same in all cases: to be able to work effectively and vitally in a sustainable environment. With this in mind, are you considering setting up a hybrid work environment? If so, a refurbished Space-in-Space is the perfect solution. Circular furniture is still top quality, but has been given a second, often upgraded lease of life. Not only does this help you concentrate, it’s also better for the environment.