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Refurbished sliding door cabinets

Refurbishing is Ahrend’s response to the need for a circular future and a sustainable work environment. We believe that our furniture deserves a second lease of life, including our refurbished sliding door cabinets! A multifunctional solution for the office, with our trusted quality, but with lower prices and reduced CO2 emissions. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

More than a storage unit 

Our refurbished sliding door cabinets are so much more than ‘just’ a convenient storage system. Of course, you can store all of your important documents in these cabinets, but they also provide a natural partition between spaces. That’s useful in the many open workspaces and open-plan offices of today. Another advantage is that Ahrend sliding door cabinets can improve the acoustics of the work environment, whether they are brand new or refurbished. 

Refurbished sliding door cabinets with soundproofing

An important aspect of the sliding door cabinets is that they are fitted with sound-absorbing doors. In addition, the back is built in such a way that it ensures a better acoustic climate in the workplace. The clean-lined cabinets divide spaces in a natural way and reduce reverberation times through perforation and acoustic insulation in the doors. A quiet workplace promotes vitality in your employees. Our refurbished sliding door cabinets fulfil the same requirements that apply to brand new models, and their acoustic qualities are closely inspected and improved where necessary. 

Circular sustainable sliding door cabinets

When we take sliding door cabinets back and put them through a technical inspection, they are given a circular new lease of life. This means they are thoroughly checked over and, where necessary, parts are replaced. There may be minor signs of use here and there, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that refurbished sliding door cabinets meet the highest standards. The revitalisation of the sliding door cabinets entails that: 

  • They are fully cleaned
  • They undergo a comprehensive technical inspection
  • The soft-close mechanism is checked
  • If necessary, components of the refurbished sliding door cabinets are replaced

In this way, you can set up your office space according to your needs while reducing your impact on people and the environment.