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Refurbished cabinets

An office without cabinets is like a workplace without a desk. They are useful for storing important documents safely, and to create a tidy and orderly work environment. Ahrend cabinets have been designed especially for a sustainable and productive work environment, as is clear from the production process and the design. The refurbished cabinets are available in a range of models.  

As good as new (if not better)  

When you choose a refurbished cabinet, you are choosing a sustainable solution and contributing to a circular future. As they are comprehensively inspected before use, the used cabinets are as good as new. The refurbished cabinets are:

  • Cleaned
  • Subjected to a technical inspection
  • Repaired using authentic Ahrend parts, if necessary

So there are no squeaking doors or loose screws. In some cases, the refurbished cabinets are actually upgraded - when it’s apparent that it may work better with a sliding door, for example, or if a swing door could be transformed into a sound-absorbing element in the workplace.

Refurbished cabinets: the sustainable and budget-friendly solution  

When you buy a refurbished Ahrend cabinet, you won’t even notice that it isn’t brand new, apart from a few traces of use. The cabinets stand out with their simplicity and timeless design. Are you ready to make your workplace more sustainable with a timeless and budget-friendly redesign? Then refurbished cabinets are the perfect solution! Sustainability is factored in during the manufacturing process, and the cabinets can easily be upgraded to suit the modern era and personal preferences.

A comprehensive collection of cabinets 

We also understand that every work environment has different needs, which is why we offer a wide range of sustainable, smart, convenient storage systems. You can safely store documents and equipment in the tambour door cabinets and filing cabinets. There is also a wide range of refurbished cabinets such as sliding door cabinets and lockers. The cabinets are not just useful as storage for a tidy work environment; they also serve as functional partitions between different departments or teams.