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Refurbished tambour door cabinets

We have been designing sustainable products at Ahrend for years. We make furniture that is timeless in terms of design, manufacture and use of materials, which contributes to a longer lifespan. The tambour door cabinets are absolute classics among our collection. As we complete the circle of materials, we find it very important to get the most out of the reusability of our products. This is why we offer refurbished tambour door cabinets.

A second chance with the same quality 

Reusing our tambour door cabinets gives our products the possibility of a much longer life. This principle is taken into account during manufacture; all materials and parts are replaceable and recyclable, from the ergonomic handle to the slatted doors. A refurbished tambour door cabinet is a product that has been given a second lease of life while still guaranteeing the best quality. We can promise that the returned tambour door cabinets are always:

  • Thoroughly cleaned
  • Subjected to a full technical inspection
  • And where necessary, components are replaced.

The refurbished tambour door cabinets are resold in good-as-new condition.

An ideal storage solution 

We love our refurbished tambour door cabinets and think they are an essential item of furniture in any office. Not just because of their timeless design, guaranteed to suit every office environment; but also because the tambour door cabinets are incredibly practical. You can fit out each cabinet according to your specific requirements, making it an ideal storage solution.

Custom refurbished tambour door cabinets

As the needs of every office or work environment are different, our refurbished tambour door cabinets are as flexible as we are. We offer them in a range of heights and widths, according to your requirements. The layout can also be arranged to suit your personal storage needs. The refurbished tambour door cabinets can be conveniently combined with an Ahrend rack, pull-out frame, tray or pull-out shelf.