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Refurbished drawer units

Although a lot of paperwork has now been replaced by digital solutions, employees still like to use their notebooks, pens and other office accessories. And, ultimately, they also want to be able to put them away out of sight. Rightly so, as not only does it make the place tidier, it’s better for productivity. With these refurbished drawer units, everything can be tidied away quickly. 

Refurbished drawer units: sustainable and circular

A convenient storage system is essential in an efficient and vitalising work environment. Ahrend takes the lead in numerous circular initiatives by further emphasising reuse. The collection of refurbished drawer units is thoroughly checked over. Drawers are inspected to ensure they can be pulled out fully, and castors are lubricated and replaced if necessary. The drawers fit like new into any work environment. 

Safety and quality first

Ahrend drawer units are known for their safety and quality. The counterweight and drawer-blocking mechanism make accidents a thing of the past. They are also supplied as standard with telescopic material drawers and shielded runners. The refurbished drawer units meet the same standards as brand-new models, so you can get the quality you expect from Ahrend for a budget-friendly price!

Timeless design and easy to use 

The range of refurbished drawer units offers a number of options, for example with or without castors, so they always suit your work environment. The timeless design of the drawer units makes them easy to combine in any space. The castors run just as smoothly as they do on brand-new units, and the models with sunken castors even appear to float through the space. The refurbished drawer units can also be combined with other refurbished Ahrend furniture such as:

  • Refurbished conference tables
  • Refurbished desks
  • Or alongside other refurbished storage solutions