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Quality and sustainability in every thread

In our fabric collection, quality and sustainability come together. Our fabrics are carefully selected based on performance, versatility, aesthetics, and environmental impact. They meet the highest quality standards for maximum durability. We work closely with leading European suppliers to achieve this. Our goal: a range of fabrics made exclusively from monomaterials and recycled or renewable materials to enhance recyclability. Faux leather remains an exception due to the environmental impact of PVC. We continuously explore alternatives and recycling options. While we haven't yet found a replacement that meets the hygiene requirements in healthcare and education environments, we're committed to finding the right solution.

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Beyond recycled yarn

For us, sustainable fabric goes beyond recycled yarn. When we select our fabrics, we examine the entire life and production cycle: How is the fabric produced? Where is it produced? What is the expected lifespan? What components are used? Is the recycled material traceable? Is it a mono-material that can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle? What is the environmental impact of production? When choosing our fabrics, we thoroughly investigate all these questions. More information can be found in our brochure 'Standard materialisation', which can be downloaded on this page.

100% recyclable mono-backing

Our fabrics for panels and screens come with sustainable backing. This so-called mono-backing is a mono-material made of (recycled) polyester, attached to the fabric using 100% polyester adhesive. The outcome? The mono-backing is 100% recyclable, and the fabrics remain suitable for textile recycling at the end of their lifespan.

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Download the overview of all materials in our collection here:

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