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Circular headquarters

Since its establishment in 1938, Van Laere, part of the listed CFE group, has grown into a multidisciplinary contractor. The company has always had its eye on the future when building everything from offices and residential blocks to hospitals. Now it is dedicated to circularity and sustainability. This is reflected in the new headquarters: a three-floor futuristic building. The design and construction have a total focus on material selection, disassembly, reusability and separability of raw materials.

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Durable and repairable

Of course, circularity had to be reflected in the furniture. The choice for Ahrend was a logical one for Van Laere. 'Long before construction, we started talking about the possibilities of circular furnishing and sustainable and refurbished furniture.' These are the words of Eli Ducès, senior project advisor at Ahrend.

After Van Laere was convinced of the quality of Ahrend's wide circular range, the two parties immediately switched gears. 'The client wanted us to translate the architect's plans.'

‘Ahrend guided us in the best possible way through the many options’
Bob Rottiers commercial director at Van Laere

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Van Laere   landscapexl
Van Laere   landscapexl
Van Laere   landscapexl
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Ahrend's Interior Design department has been brought in for this purpose. They used 3D drawings to show layout, furnishing and colour options. 'In addition to a feeling of home, employees should enjoy a choice of workspaces. On the office floors, we see classic workspaces with Ahrend Balance and Ahrend 2020 as well as Ahrend Aero touchdown and collaborative workspaces. For more concentration or small (online) meetings, we have devised space-in-space solutions: Flexboxes in various sizes. What is distinctive are the large Ahrend Balance tables with a 90-degree extension. This is where project managers can lay out their large construction drawings.'

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Warm working environment

Besides workspaces, there is - especially on the ground floor - plenty of space for formal and informal consultations and meetings. 'Seats and sofas are interspersed with meeting rooms featuring Ahrend Well chairs. The lunchroom also has a range of furniture, from high standing tables to folding tables. Flexible furniture because this space is also used for larger meetings, such as training sessions.'
Eli Ducès is proud of the result: 'Not just because Ahrend products allow us to seamlessly align with Van Laere's circular ambitions, but also because with the furniture, materials, fabrics and colours, we have created a warm environment where it is nice to work (together) and to meet.'

Van Laere on Ahrend

'Our new headquarters had to meet two requirements: provide a home-like feeling and be 100% circular. As a construction partner, we want to show that circular construction is the future and is possible. This pioneering role is not always easy. For that, you need partners who share our vision and put it into practice. That's why we chose Ahrend. Ahrend designs, manufactures and services in a circular and sustainable way. By replacing or re-upholstering only the broken component, Ahrend extends the lifespan of furniture.
Ahrend also more than satisfied our other requirement: the feeling of being at home. The choice of warm colours and soft materials enhances the feeling of welcome at our office. Ahrend guided us in the best possible way through the many options. A visit to the showroom and a reference project convinced us to follow Ahrend's recommendations. The result arouses purely positive reactions.'

Bob Rottiers, commercial director at Van Laere

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