Ahrend and Dutch Chess Federation join forces for a charity match against world champion Magnus Carlsen

Tuesday January 10th, a chess competition is set to take place at Koninklijke Ahrend in Amsterdam. Four talents of the Nederlandse Schaakbond (Dutch Chess Federation) will compete for a place in a charity chess competition against the world’s champion Magnus Carlsen at the Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC).

The Norwegian grandmaster will play at the EMC  to raise money for charity. All proceeds will be donated to the Sophia Children’s Hospital for research and better treatment for children with congenital abnormality of the face or scalp.  

The simultaneous match against Magnus Carlsen will take place on Monday,  January 30th at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. This showdown was set up by three physicians for the foundation Hoofdzaken Erasmus MC-Sophia. Royal Ahrend has donated one of the chessboards to be used in this game as a contribution towards a particular research project of the Sophia Children's Hospital.

The 26-year-old Magnus Carlsen, who was taught by his father, is known as the greatest chess talent since Garry Kasparov. In 2003, by the age of just 13, he became a grandmaster. As well as master of chess, he is also known as a world famous fashion model.

On Tuesday, January 10th at 1pm Royal Ahrend invites four talents of the Dutch Chess Federation to take part in a chess competition, organised by Royal Ahrend in collaboration with the Dutch Chess Federation. Four talents: Casper Schoppen (14 years), Max Warmerdam (16), Kevin Nguyen (15 years) and Maaike Keetman (17 years) will compete against each other for a coveted place at the Ahrend board. The winner of this competition will compete against the world champion Magnus Carlsen. Royal Ahrend is extremely happy and proud to welcome talents from the Dutch Chess Federation to its Inspiration Center in Amsterdam.