Ahrend brings its InnovationLAB to Vakbeurs Facilitair 2017

At the Vakbeurs Facilitair 2017 exhibition, visitors will not only see our innovations but they will also have the opportunity to experience them in person. From the 25th to the 27th of January, Ahrend brings its complete InnovationLAB to the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Ahrend is the first organisation in the office industry to have created smart and personal workplaces.  It has done this by integrating technology into the furniture itself, such as sensors and apps. This valuable combination of data is crucial for today’s offices, and provides information with which people can make their own decisions. At Ahrend, we focus on individuals and not just technology.

The facility to measure both space and furniture makes it possible to put the workplace to its best use. This is part of an increasing demand for flexible and personalized working environments. During the Vakbeurs Facilitair 2017 exhibition, visitors will not only see Ahrend’s innovations, but experience them for themselves. Ahrend brings its entire InnovationLAB to the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. 

Smart technology stimulates productivity and vitality

Successful organisations are those which encourage people to come to the office for collaboration, to learn from each other and bond socially. These organisations are convinced that sharing talent and knowledge contribute to achieving the very best results. The office is no longer simply an expense, but a place where talent and knowledge are shared. Various studies show that employees work much more productively when they meet their colleagues in person. To assist employees, Ahrend has developed innovative solutions that contribute to collaboration. In a flexible working environment, it isn’t always clear where to find your colleagues. The Ahrend Smart Working App helps employees with this challenge, because it enables users to visualise available workplaces, making collaboration a whole lot simpler.

Evidence based office design

The Ahrend Smart Working App offers many advantages to the facility manager and property owners. This service provides users with a measurement of the building and furniture and its use. With this information, it is possible to optimize workplace efficiency, saving costs on cleaning, maintenance and energy.  By combining scientific research with data on the use of the workplace environment, Ahrend  puts Evidence Based Office Design into practice and paves the way for developments such as pay-per-use. In various industries, the transition to pay-per-use revenue models (flexible consumption business models) is a fact already. Notable examples include Spotify, Peerby and Netflix. Thanks to Ahrend’s innovations, it is possible to purchase designed working environments as a service.

Sneak preview: Ahrend at the Vakbeurs Facilitair 2017

A dashboard that shows the availability of workplaces. A workplace where you can check in with your smartphone and automatically set the temperature, lighting and height to your individual preferences. These innovations are some of the most recent developments at the Ahrend InnovationLAB and are in line with the increasing need for autonomy among today’s employees. These and other innovations from the InnovationLAB can be seen and experienced at the Vakbeurs Facilitair 2017, between the 25th and  27th of January. This fair offers an extensive range of products and services to professionals in the field of facility management and building management. Interested? You can get free access to the fair, by registering yourself through www.ahrend.com/aanmelden-vakbeurs-facilitair.