Circular milestone: ProRail realises circular interior with the ‘Green Deal Circulair Inkopen’ together with Ahrend

You can dream of a better and more sustainable world, or actually do something about it. The new ProRail office in Utrecht is furnished based on this philosophy.

De completion of the new ProRail office is a special milestone. ProRail is one of the first companies to execute the pilot of the ‘Green Deal Circulair Inkopen’, an initiative of the Dutch government in collaboration with MVO-Nederland, Circle Economy and others.

Arnold Struik, Concept & Design Director at Ahrend is proud of the collaboration with ProRail:

'A great circular initiative and a logical next step for Ahrend. We believe that sustainability is primarily "acting upon it". A circular vision without action is worthless. I am proud of our CSR team. ProRail and Ahrend take the lead by giving concrete meaning to circular purchasing. An important step that hopefully inspires others."

Circular economy put to practice:
With this project, Ahrend has translated her vision of the circular economy into practice in collaboration with ProRail. The Green Deal Circulair Inkopen is an initiative that stimulates circular purchasing. The essence of buying circular products is that the purchaser guarantees that the products or materials are used in a new cycle at the end of their lifecycle. Reuse (of products and materials) is key; this is already taken into account in the design and during production. Products are made so that their lifecycles are extended and maximized. This not only saves costs but also reduces CO2 emissions, waste reductions and reduces the consumption of raw materials.

The interior of ProRail is designed in close consultation with the architects of de Jong Gortemaker Algra (dJGA). The possible return of the furniture at the end of their lifecycle is part of the activities of Ahrend Reuse, whereby Ahrend products are retuned at the end of their lifecycle for revitalisation so they can be reused with high value. 

Green Deal Circulair Inkopen:
In November 2013, the Green Deal Circulair Inkopen was initiated by the Dutch Government in collaboration with MVO Netherland, NEVI, Kirkman Company, Duurzame Leverancier, PIANOo and Economy Circle. The key to boosting a circular economy starts with the purchasing of circular products. Purchasers can boost the availability of these products. By now, 33 companies from various industries have joined the Green Deal Circulair Inkopen.


Ahrend has been active in her reuse activities for more than 20 years. The Ahrend 220 from 1994 that is displayed above, is the world’s first Eco-design chair. Nowadays this chair is still used, revitalised and reused with high value on a large scale.