Classrooms more and more flexible

Organising your day tasks for yourself and working in teams. Education nowadays requires more than just a different way of teaching. The design of a learning environment can increase working independently or in a team signicifantly.

Competency based learning is a teaching method where more is asked of the independence of a student. Because students who work according to this method, frequent change of place, a different organization of the learning environment is necessary. No longer thirty tables and chairs arranged in rows, but different workspaces in a larger area. A space to relax, read, a place for experiments, space for concentrated work and a large central table where everyone can join. But not only the design is important. The functions of the furniture also change. Was in the classical classroom a closet an important piece of furniture to get things tidy, with competence education a shelf can be very valuable. So children can view their own stuff during their projects.

Be flexible
A learning environment does not need to be arranged according to a fixed pattern. Consider what fits best for the activities that take place and after a few months, see if this still works. Who knows, it is more convenient to move the big classroom table aside of the classroom. Or maybe the reading corner is not as inviting as was first thought. Limit it to two or three times a year, but do not be afraid to try to shift the tables.

The important thing is that there are spaces and opportunities enough for competency working. Working in this way is not only focused on skills, but also on the behavior that is involved in the various activities. In short, students need to learn what activity and behavior in which situation applies and what illustrates that better than an equipped learning environment?

Each didactic choice requires a specific design solution. Ahrend is well aware of the various teaching methods and thereby knows which device is best. Here are some examples.