Ahrend announces its investment in laser edge banding equipment

TECHO, a subsidiary of the Ahrend Group, will house this state-of-the-art equipment at its manufacturing facilities in Prague where it will be used for both Ahrend and TECHO products.

Laser edge banding equipment promises a precise and seamless finish to the edging of worktops. Edges are fused together by laser technology applied to the surface of the laminate material, sealing it without any visible joint. This not only provides a more aesthetic finish but also provides a water resistant joint that prevents damp from penetrating in the chipboard causing it to expand.

As quoted by Ahrend's Chief Commercial Officer Eugène Sterken: "This new production technique is set to revolutionise the furniture manufacturing industry. Architects and several of Ahrend and TECHO's customers have already been given a preview of this new edging technique and their reaction has been very promising."


Since this technology replaces the use of glue, it offers a more sustainable solution for worktop edging. The workplace environment will benefit too as the laser sealed edges prevent the release of formaldehydes and other chemical emissions from the chipboard material.

Ahrend, one of the largest European furniture manufacturers, will become one of the first in its industry in Europe to use this revolutionary technology. Starting from mid-2012 various products of Ahrend and TECHO will be fitted with these high quality tops.

Ahrend is the market leader in the Benelux and also in Central and Eastern Europe through its subsidiary TECHO. Ahrend has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Russia and the United Arab Emirate and also offers global product delivery, installation and maintenance through its strong alliance partnerships.


TECHO a.s. provides industry leading commercial interior solutions in Central and Eastern Europe and is also one of the main office furniture manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Its clients include major banks, financial institutions, international companies and governmental organisations with branches in the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine. TECHO is a subsidiary of the Dutch company Royal Ahrend NV.


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