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Royal Ahrend, a global leader in office furniture and workspace solutions, is delighted to announce its next step in the international growth strategy with the merger of Ahrend UK and Techo UK. The Techo brand will, on the 1st of July, assimilate into the global company brand name Ahrend. By merging these companies Ahrend builds on the resilient, effective and trustworthy heritage of both companies. Joining forces enables the company to enhance the customer experience with a wider, inspiring and relevant product range as well as an exceptional customer-oriented service for both the international key accounts and the dealer market in the UK.


Eugène Sterken, CEO of Royal Ahrend: "Our One Company strategy and our international growth represent significant milestones for Royal Ahrend. By operating under a unified brand name globally and fully leveraging Royal Ahrend's strengths, this merger will make us a more versatile and leading company in the UK, with a wider product portfolio, a stronger team and higher service level.”


Expanded global reach for Ahrend

Since the acquisition of Techo in 2005, several Techo branches have already been operating under the name Ahrend. In 2021, nine countries in Central and Eastern Europe transitioned to the Ahrend name as well. The United Kingdom is the final Techo branch to merge. The Techo name will continue to exist as a product brand and will be included in Royal Ahrend's brand portfolio, which now encompasses the internationally recognised brands: Ahrend, Gispen, Presikhaaf, and Techo.


Enhanced customer experience and market position in the UK

Through the merger, Ahrend strengthens the customer experience by providing exceptional, customer-centric service to both the direct and dealer markets in the United Kingdom. The merger of Ahrend and Techo in UK is truly a best-of-both-worlds. Andy Barnard, who successfully grew Techo over the past years, will take the helm of the newly combined Ahrend UK, offering the full potential of both assortments to the customers. It is the aim of Ahrend to expand significantly within the UK market. They now also have access to the Qabin-collection, the successful pods that are outstanding in terms of circular design, airflow and acoustics. In a time where more and more companies adopt the hybrid way of working, there is a significant global demand for these products.

As Ahrend is making the United Kingdom one of its major growth areas in the coming years, the company will invest in people and resources to further enhance its success. Ahrend UK is looking for individuals who want to lead and join the company on its journey to build Ahrend's brand in London and the UK.

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