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Tom van den Akker   squarem

What is Circular Advice?

"Circular Advice is our answer to an common question from our clients: they want a different interior, but it doesn't have to be completely new. As long as the furniture is of good quality, meets ergonomic and safety requirements and looks like new. We advise our clients on furniture reuse. For instance, we assess which furniture they have in-house is suitable for upgrading. It's important to see which furniture we have in stock from our own Revived Collection. And we determine what and who we need to implement it. That varies from project to project."

How does circular differ from linear?

"A circular design process starts from what is already there. In a linear process, you make a final product from raw materials. You use it and then throw it away. In a circular process, the beginning and the end are different. You start with what is already there. And look at how to adapt that for the desired interior. If a client no longer needs it, we take it back. And give it a new life elsewhere. Other than that - delivery, commissioning, warranty, maintenance - circular is no different from linear."

‘With Circular Advice, we help organisations create a working environment that builds on what is already there.’

About the Circular Hub

In the 12,000 m² Circular Hub in Veghel, we’ve brought together all of our circular expertise and manufacturing facilities. Here, we give new life to used furniture: office furniture we have purchased or received returns from clients. In this way, we extend the lifespan of furniture and contribute to the circular economy. We revitalised 85,000 pieces of furniture in the Circular Hub during 2023.

What can clients expect from Circular Advice?

"We discuss our clients' requirements and do a quick scan. With this, we assess which furniture is reusable. This can be done with a stock inventory or on site to see what's there. We collect and refurbish this furniture at the Circular Hub. We also have in-house furniture buyers. They buy up all kinds and brands of used furniture that organisations no longer need. Similarly, we recover those in the Circular Hub and can reuse them in other projects."

headquarters   squarem

Do you have an example of Circular Advice in action?

"For, we converted 844 duo workspaces from 160x80 to 140x80 and 135x80. In the process, we supplied new upholstered panels so that the 'existing' workplace fits into the architect's new interior design plan. A perfect convergence of refurbishment wherever possible, complemented by newly developed parts to produce a very beautiful and durable result. By reusing the existing workplaces, we reduced CO2 emissions considerably. I am especially proud of the collaboration within our organisation - from design, product development, project plan, to implementation ."

Nieuwbouw hoofdkantoor Amsterdam.

How do you meet quality requirements with reused furniture?

"At the Circular Hub, we have all the expertise and craftsmanship under one roof to revitalise furniture to literally as good as new. We check the furniture and, if necessary, replace components such as legs, tabletops, upholstery, foam. After revitalisation, we give the furniture the same guarantee as for new furniture. We do so confidently, because we are sure that - thanks to the work of our revitalisation expert - it meets all quality and safety requirements."

What makes you feel proud?

That we can translate complex content-based questions into a clear plan and then implement it. One example is TU Delft's Flux education building, where we have designed four lecture halls with a total of 730  study places as sustainably as possible. We checked, cleaned, repaired and redeployed furniture previously used in another TU Delft building. And we made tables from our Revived Collection completely customised to the client's requirements. We gave their lounge and meeting space a student-like look with Revived furniture, featuring several wooden chairs and a fat Chesterfield sofa. The result is a completely refurbished design that looks like new."

Royal Ahrend, © Menno Emmink, Design by Broekbakema

TU Delft   landscapem

What's your personal take on the circular philosophy?

"Circularity is desperately needed to avoid depleting the world's resources. I have young children, and I want them to have a viable future on this planet as well. In my work and at home, there are things that can easily be sustainable without compromising on quality or appearance. Kids' toys I prefer to buy at markets. And I've never bought a bike new either. Second-hand is perfect! Soon, I will be renovating my house. I will revitalise the kitchen - with new fronts. Reused furnishings are so much more satisfying than throwing stuff away and buying new stuff!"

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