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Welcome to the Unilever working from home-webshop!

As a sustainable partner, we are happy to provide you with an ergonomic and attractive workplace at home. Choose a workplace that suits you from the range specially selected for Unilever. Our home office furniture exceeds ergonomic standards, is durable and has a timeless design. Choose from individual products or a combination. The furniture is made available to you at an extra cost through the communicated staff discount and is available from stock.

How it works

Start ordering a new home office immediately. Please login below with your personal Unilever SSO credentials. Then choose an office chair and office desk from the selected range that suit you and your home situation best. After checkout, we will immediately get to work to deliver the order to you as quickly as possible.

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The importance of ergonomics

We sit too often and too long: during breakfast, in the car, during lunch. Because sitting makes us tired, we plop down on the sofa in the evening. In conclusion: we move too little, which is very stressful for our body. In many cases it is also the cause of back, neck and arm pain. Therefore it is important to alternate between sitting and standing. The right ergonomic office chair and desk can help you to stay fit throughout your working day.

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Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact the Ahrend customer service representative by phone on 088 - 006 0583. They are aware of the agreements with Unilever and can help you further.