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Acoustics in open-plan offices

We are increasingly working in large open-plan offices, where there are few acoustic barriers. As a result, there are opportunities for sound to travel greater distances. It's not so much about the sound itself, but it's whether you can understand what others say. This is what we call speech intelligibility. Meaningful, irrelevant speech is disturbing. It is very important to weaken the noise transmission quickly. This can be done by using a physical sound barrier or by adding background sound.

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It all starts with a good interior plan

A vital environment promotes cooperation and ensures that a variety of work can take place. These activities have different acoustic needs. In order to ensure the best possible acoustic comfort, our experts offer a full approach. We provide substantiated advice and come up with matching solutions.

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From quickscan to extensive study

As a starting point we do an initial quickscan. After this, we provide advice on appropriate sound absorbing ceilings, floor coverings, desk panels and freestanding screens between different work islands. In addition, our experts can also make a comprehensive study of your building. On site we carry out various measurements and analyse the existing situation. We do this according to NEN-EN-ISO 3382-3 and 3D modeling. This way we determine precisely what the effect of the acoustic facilities will be. The result is a unique solution for each work zone.

‘Annoying sound reflections in an open office space can be reduced relatively easily. For this we apply sound absorbing material in the interior.’’
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For each activity a workplace

Before we set up a space, we investigate the type of work which is acoustically best linked. We always aim to offer sufficient choice of workplace types. But acoustic zones and workplace density will also have a major impact on comfort.

Activity Based Working

By dividing the space into activity-related zones based on this understanding, acoustic facilities can be much better targeted. This significantly increases acoustic comfort for every employee.
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