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Eijgenhuijsen Precisievervoer

Eijgenhuijsen Precisievervoer BV had an empty storehouse that was perfect to create an office environment in. Ahrend got the opportunity to freshen up the space to a modern and healthy workspace!

The assignment

The empty storehouse with a concrete floor, steel ceiling and empty walls from Eijgenhuijsen had to become a light, comfortable, flexible and open work environment. The interior had to support the daily tasks of the employees as optimally as possible. Eijgenhuijsen values the concepts circularity, ergonomic and sustainability and wanted these concepts integrated in the office design. They called in Ahrend to manage the project from A to Z: a versatile assignment!


The solution

From an empty space to a complete interior design: from A to Z, Ahrend's team organised and accompanied the redecoration of the office building of Eijgenhuijsen. As to the workspaces, Eijgenhuijsen chose for the Ahrend Balance. The desk with sit-stand possibility meets the request for a healthy work solution perfectly. Next to these 22 work places, Ahrend created places to touch down and lounge. Flex working is supported even better in the new office with different meeting, scrum and concentration spaces. To meet the request for a sustainable and circular interior, Ahrend placed flexible furniture. This way, the interior responds to a possible growth in the future, which causes furniture not to be wasted.

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