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The workplace of Topic is based on the dynamics between working and meeting, an environment in which the employee remains the central point. The goal is to create a healthy and flexible workplace.

The assignment

The designing of a flexible and attractive working environment. The working environment has to have the possibilty to grow with the company. Employees have to be motivated to work healthy and enough modern meeting facilities have to be created. The location will also be used for internal and external events.

The solution

This design concept is based on a plan created for around 3200 m2 of working environment. A good partitioning of the working and meeting environment, created a dynamic atmosphere. By applying the sit/stand-solutions, like the Ahrend Balance desk, healthy and flexible working stations were created. Next to these open working stations, acoustic solutions have been applied, like the Ahrend S50. In this way, the noise in the working environment is reduced to a minimum. The meeting- and waiting rooms are desigend with use of the Ahrend Loungescape, Hesta and Ahrend Unit. This furniture creates a modern and trendy look of the working environment.

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