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Agile working much more than a buzzword

A successful company innovates and invests in creative solutions and has a culture open to change. They discover new concepts with the whole organisation and determine how we work in the future. Organisations that apply agile working have understood that in small, self-driven teams, regardless of the complexity of the big company, you are much more agile. It is much more than a buzzword: it is a philosophy that is intertwined deep in an organisations' work processes and differs greatly from hierarchical and traditional ways of working.

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Flexible working process

In agile companies, employees work together in multidisciplinary teams to achieve the best result. There is no ready-made solution that you can simply take off the shelf. It's a work process that you're undergoing and constantly adjusting to. This also reflects in the flexibility of the work furniture.

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An agile office

An agile workplace gives teams the opportunity to quickly adjust their space. The meetings are short, efficient and proactive when standing.  Mobile standing tables are ideal, as well as places where you can concentrate or work in a team. Choose furniture that moves as dynamically as possible with your team and your project. Think of easily mobile standing tables, where you can have short, efficient and proactive meetings. But alternating between standing and sitting work also fits completely within the agile framework, so also ensure there are plenty of workplaces where you can individually work sitting or standing. Places where you can work in complete isolation, so you can concentrate on your own work or be part of a scrum environment.

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