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Royal Ahrend office project Vandemoortele in Gent 06

More than just a workplace

The office is much more than a place where you do your work behind your desk. It is an inspiring environment that attracts talent and facilitates diversity. A hub that creates a sense of connection between colleagues and ensures that talent can identify with the organisation. An important element to win the 'war for talent'; the labour market is competitive and talent looks at more than just money. Freedom of choice in the working environment is an important asset.

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Space planning

In an Acitvity Based Working environment (ABW), the ideal space planning enables employees to meet, present, work or call comfortably and in their preferred way. You offer them freedom of choice and a high level of personal comfort. A fully equipped and healthy workplace can even contribute to a good employee experience and the culture of an organisation. This not only reduces absenteeism, but also guarantees the well-being of the employees. 

‘The office is not made to do administrative work’

Get the best out your colleagues

Because employees do not have a permanent place, they move quickly around the office, looking for the place that best suits the work they want to do at that time. They also often make casual encounters between colleagues, gaining new insights and spontaneously sharing knowledge. This is how employees get the best out of themselves and each other.


For successful ABW, not only is the physical environment crucial, but also the role of the manager. He or she must have confidence in the employees and transfer the leadership role positively remotely. The manager must be familiar with the fact that a productive team does not implicate to have the most staff on the floor at the same time. At the same time also act as a mentor to the team, becoming more motivated and more passionate. Only by showing initiative and supporting the transition to an Activity Based Working environment will be successful.

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A vital and flexible workplace

Flexibility and confidence are perhaps the main focus points in an activity-related work environment. This is the only way to create a healthy workplace that stimulates the well-being of the employee, where employees are more productive, achieve better results and have more pleasure at work.

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