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Refurbished conference tables

Meetings are an important part of office life. It’s also important to have a healthy, ergonomic posture that enables you to actively take part in each meeting. Ahrend’s refurbished conference tables are a perfect fit for a vitalising and flexible work environment. The table’s multifunctional nature suits every type of meeting. And if the meeting goes on longer than planned, and lunch is to be provided, that is not a problem - the refurbished conference tables can be reconfigured in no time at all.

Sustainable design

Ahrend has always been dedicated to sustainable products. For 125 years, we have designed timeless products that are built to last. Our refurbished conference tables are no different; they have been built according to sustainable and circular design principles. Their modular design means that they are easy to disassemble, and individual components can be replaced. Various materials can also be separated from the product for recycling. 

Revitalised conference tables 

Reuse is a perfect fit for our vision of sustainability. We don’t think that new is necessarily best. This is why we do all we can to ensure that our products can be used for as long as possible. The refurbished conference tables look like new but have been used previously. They are returned to us and subjected to comprehensive inspection before we sell them on for a budget-friendly price. 

A new life, the same quality 

At Ahrend, we inspect the refurbished conference tables ourselves. This high-quality revitalisation means the conference tables are completely ready for a long new life. We guarantee the same quality as you’d expect from a new table. During inspection, the refurbished conference tables are:

  • Fitted with a new tabletop
  • Completely cleaned, with all dust removed
  • Checked for the operation of any functionalities
  • Checked for any damage

The tables are completely ready once again for those long meetings, short meetings, lunch breaks or job interviews!