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Refurbished meeting chairs

A vitalising work environment should be built on solid foundations. An ergonomic desk is absolutely crucial to that, but a good desk doesn’t have to be brand new. That’s why we offer a collection of refurbished desks, with the quality you expect from us, and a thorough facelift. These refurbished desks will last for many years to come. This is what we call circular furniture. 

Refurbished is not just reused

Refurbished means that we reuse the furniture. It may show slight signs of use, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw away high-quality products unnecessarily. The process starts when desks are returned to us, before undergoing a thorough inspection and comprehensive maintenance. Next, we examine all the functionalities and replace the tabletop. The refurbished desks are now ready to be used once more. The result is a ‘new’ product that can last for many more years and has been approached sustainably. 

Choose the right product for you from our collection of refurbished desks

When selecting the right desk from the collection, it’s important to look at a number of factors.

  • The environment: a good desk must suit its environment and have sufficient desktop space to be able to work properly. 
  • The appearance: naturally, looks are also important. After all, you spend a lot of time at your desk every day, so it should look good. Colours and materials are important in relation to your tastes and the rest of the décor. 
  • The options for refurbished desks: to ensure an ergonomic posture, it is important to choose a refurbished desk that is height adjustable. 

Designed for the future: modular and circular desks

We are deeply committed to the reuse of existing furniture. A good example of this is the Ahrend 500, our first Cradle to Cradle silver-certified desk. This certification means that the product was designed entirely according to the principles of the circular economy: modular, easily disassembled and using materials that can be recycled without difficulty. When the desk was first brought to market in 2002, it was not height adjustable. However, as it was designed with the future in mind, it could be adapted to be height adjustable with a simple modification, to meet new and changing needs. A great example of a product designed 20 years ago, according to circular principles, that has now truly become circular by being revitalised.