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Refurbished ottomans

Dropping in on a colleague for a quick chat or sitting down for a short break: our refurbished ottomans are ideal for this. We believe an ottoman is an essential element in any hybrid working environment. Thanks to its flexible nature, the ottoman is also very useful for agile working. This collection forms part of our circular furniture range and responds to the need for a vitalising work environment and a sustainable future. 

Sustainable, from desk to lounge space 

Ahrend’s refurbished ottomans are comfortable seating elements that fit into any space, from lounge to workstation. As a socially committed organisation, you don’t just want to make your immediate environment sustainable; you want to take other spaces into account. At Ahrend, we would love to go on this journey with you. It’s in our DNA.

Refurbished ottomans from Ahrend

Our refurbished ottomans have an intuitive design that invites you to sit down. The ottomans are revitalised, which means that they may have light traces of use, though this will never affect quality. Before we put the ottomans back on sale, we subject them to strict inspection. This inspection entails, among other things, that: 

  • The legs are checked 
  • The fabric is cleaned 
  • The fabric of the refurbished ottomans is replaced if necessary

The ottomans form part of the Loungescape range, consisting of various separate modules. This enables you to combine the ottomans with other furniture and create different layouts to suit your existing décor and personal requirements. 

Energy booster in the work environment

The refurbished ottoman adds a playful element to the workplace, really bringing life and energy into the space. Furthermore, the circular ottoman means that no energy or materials are wasted. Above all, the lack of lumbar support automatically demands an energetic posture, more so than a chair or sofa, for example.