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Refurbished office chairs

Refurbished office chairs are a sustainable and budget-friendly way of creating a vitalising work environment, whether that’s a hybrid workplace, a healthy home workstation or an office environment. Ergonomic office chairs are an essential component of such workspaces, but we believe that new is not necessarily better. Our refurbished office chairs are given a new lease of life with the greatest of care. In this way we can ensure the highest quality at a second-hand price. 

Modular system makes refurbishing office chairs sustainable 

Our office chairs are modular in structure, meaning we can replace individual parts rather than the entire chair. Early on in our design process, we have taken into account the circular use of our office chairs, and the refurbished chairs stand out as among the most sustainable of their kind. What’s more, Ahrend quality is guaranteed. 

Revitalised office chairs

The refurbished office chairs look like new, but they have been used previously in an office environment. The process of revitalising the used office chairs is as follows:

  • Reupholstering using high-quality fabrics  
  • Lubricating the gas spring with our Ahrend oil
  • Ensuring the armrests move smoothly  
  • And ensuring the refurbished office chairs provide the necessary support. 

Renowned quality and a sustainable solution  

Looking for sustainable office chairs but don’t want to compromise on ergonomic requirements, design or quality? Then circular furniture is the answer. A smart solution that can be adapted flexibly to your needs and personal preferences. With the Ahrend quality you know and love. A refurbished office chair is always ergonomic and therefore ease of use and comfort are guaranteed. All of our office chairs comply with the highest requirements as standard.