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Royal Ahrend Balance 4 leg dual workstation in anthracite with charcoal tops and grey screen with black 2020 office chairs front left view
  • Royal Ahrend 2020 Verta office chair in black front view Royal Ahrend 2020 Verta office chair upholstered in black left rear view

    Ahrend 2020 Verta

  • 2020 Extra Verta   DownloadLarge 2020 Extra Verta   DownloadLarge

    Ahrend 2020 Extra Verta

  • 2020 Work Verta   DownloadLarge 2020 Work Verta   DownloadLarge

    Ahrend 2020 Work

  • Total personalisation

    Make the Ahrend 2020 your chosen chair. The office chair will be adapted to your body and your activity in no time whatsoever. The features are easily controlled from a sitting position by the intuitively placed adjustment knobs with clear icons. Personalise the seat further by adjusting the 3D armrests perfectly in height, width and depth. Simple to use, it is also an ideal chair for activity based workstations

    2020 Extra Verta GLOW   landscapexl

    Ahrend 2020 GLOW

    GLOW is a wireless, rechargeable infrared heater for the seat of the Ahrend 2020 chair, developed with the Dutch company Stoov.

    Ahrend 2020 GLOW makes it possible to adjust the temperature for individual workstations. The seat temperature can be set according to your personal needs and increases the sense of comfort. Ideal for use in generally cooler workspaces such as reception areas.   

    The heated seat can also be built into existing Ahrend 2020 chairs; we simply replace the seat.   


    The appearance of a piece of furniture is not only determined by its shape. The material used plays an important role. So play around with colour and texture until you find the ultimate combination. Here you will find an overview of our standard fabrics, lacquer and leaf colours.

    Read more about materials
    Moodboard   Blue & Grey   landscapexl


    • Netweave backrest for ventilation
    • Lumbar support for extra back support
    • Easily adjustable seat height, depth and tipping point from sitting position
    • 3D armrests with intuitive height, width, and depth adjustment
    • Polished aluminium frame and foot for a luxurious look
    • Infinite fabric and colour options for seat upholstery
    • Fully upholstered
    • Adjustable headrest
    • Nameplate holder
    • Available as an elevated office chair
    Royal Ahrend office project Eijgenhuijsen in Ruurlo 09

    Sustainable production

    The Ahrend 2020 was the first chair with a Cradle to Cradle Certificate. This means that it is produced using renewable energy, supporting diversity and that the chair is designed with modular and recyclable components: from the backrest through to the recycled foam parts in the seat. Reuse materials endlessly.

    Ergonomic instructions

    If you sit, you have to sit well

    When you sit, make sure you support your body with a perfectly adjusted office chair.

    In this video you can see how you can set the Ahrend 2020 Home to your needs. At the same time, you can adjust the chair in such a way that you adopt an ergonomically responsible posture.

    Please note: the chair in the video is a different model than available in the webshop.

    Balance, 2020 Extra Verta   portraiti
    Balance, 2020 Extra Verta   landscapem
    Royal Ahrend Balance 4 leg dual workstation in anthracite with charcoal tops and grey screen with black 2020 office chairs front left view
    Genmab   landscapem
    BAS Trucks   landscapem
    Genmab   portraiti