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Ocean waves 

The designers from the Valencian design studio, Yonoh, manage to combine form and function with a very unique style and always from a geometric point-of-view. The Marina Collection, featuring generously sized seats, challenges our perception of dimensions. The comfortable backrest and seat act in contrast to the slender frame. 

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About the designer 

Yonoh is an internationally-awarded design studio that was founded in 2006 by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma in Valencia, Spain. Uniting their creative inquisitiveness, they specialise in the field of product design. Yonoh projects are unique in their simplicity and functionality, with designs that exude freshness and uniqueness. 

About Deberenn 

Deberenn’s soft seating collections offer flexible solutions characterised by innovative comfort and ergonomics as well as pleasing designs and materials. The chairs, sofas and armchairs can best be described as charming, beautiful, durable and versatile. When creating the concepts for the different collections, the common goals were quality and functionality – offering a great many solutions to offices, hotels and hospitals. 

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‘Yonoh designs the extraordinary, harmonizing simplicity with function.’

Marina bar stool   landscapem
Fold, Marina Mini   landscapem
Marina   landscapem
Marina, Marina Mini   landscapem
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