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Harmonious design 

Comfort, elegance and serenity come to life with the City Collection. With its elegant and sturdy shape, City adds tremendous comfort and perfect harmony to any lounge area. This collection turns relaxing and waiting into a dynamic fact in contrast to its commonly static impression. 

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About the designer

Lucidity of expression and the search for simplicity are Christophe Pillet's guiding principles. The lightness of touch in his work is elegance epitomised. Pillet’s perfect command of sensuality and refinement has made him one of the most acclaimed French designers in the world, having gained global recognition for not only product design but also in hotels, boutiques and art direction.

‘With the City collection, I wanted to design simple but ‘sharp’ products.’

About Deberenn 

Deberenn's soft seating collections offer flexible solutions characterised by innovative comfort and ergonomics as well as pleasing designs and materials. The chairs, sofas and armchairs can best be described as charming, beautiful, durable and versatile. When creating the concepts for the different collections, the common goals were quality and functionality – offering a great many solutions to offices, hotels and hospitals. 

City, Hendrix, Pinto, Solo   landscapem
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