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Balance Lift Will Make You Move

With the Balance Lift, Quickly, simply and silently adjust the height of your desktop. The convenience of this height adjustment system encourages the use of the sit-stand function!

The desk does not depend on a power supply and is therefore easy to move. Ideal for agile working environments that require flexible furniture. Now, your workplace fits in with changing tasks.

The Balance Collection is Cradle to Cradle certified. The Balance Lift fits seamlessly with the other variants of the series. So if your organisation wants to completely switch to a sit-stand workplace, then you can do this without impacting the interior design

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Balance, Well, Recharge 45, 2020 Extra Verta   landscapem
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Healthy environment

More and more organisations understand that the workplace has a major impact on the health of the employee. Lighting, acoustics, natural elements and ergonomic furniture can greatly affect productivity, the feeling of happiness and health. Getting this right will result in greater employee satisfaction, a better chance of attracting talent and ultimately a more successful organisation.


Regularly changing work posture has a positive impact on our wellbeing. Among other things, it reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, burnout and depression. It is therefore essential that we are agile in the office and the workplace. One of the most important trends in healthy working is the use of sit-stand workplaces, giving your employees full control of their workplace; including climate, light and sound. This results in a positive impact on both health and productivity.

Balance, 2020 Verta, Recharge 45   landscapem


    The basics
  • Patented gas lift system with synchronous adjustment (Europe, US and China)
  • Height adjustable from 68 to 118 cm
  • Easily adjustable and complies with NEN-EN 527-1 (2011) Type D
  • The system is equipped with a blocking and blocking mechanism with handle
  • Quick adjustment: in no time whatsoever for sitting or standing height
  • Table top depth: 80 cm in different width sizes rising to 200cm
  • Gas spring is customisable according to the weight of objects on the desk, such as computer screens
  • Acoustic PET cover under the table for neat finish and extra sound absorption
  • Available for solo and duo workplaces
  • Available in various leg shapes
  • Choice of different standard paint colours and various trend colours
  • 18 mm and 22 mm Monotop or 12 mm Ciranol table tops
  • Other options within the Balance Collection

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