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To create an open and flexible environment, we provided various interior options while considering an appropriate ergonomic and aesthetic interior solution. In addition to ergonomic advice, flexible and circular solutions were offered such as sit-stand workstations, lounge areas, hospitality furniture and auditorium furniture together with the décor for meeting and management rooms. The office space consists of sit-stand workplaces and lounge corners that form an attractive area which works as a whole with the main entrance. The entrance forms the base and the face of the rest of the workplace.  The request for advice was satisfied with project management and logistics services.

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Vanderlande   landscapem
Royal Ahrend office project Vanderlande in Veghel 01
Royal Ahrend office project Vanderlande in Veghel 04
Royal Ahrend office project Vanderlande in Veghel 09
Vanderlande   portraiti
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