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A future full of challenges

The new office network came in response to the development of the organization, which was accompanied by a change in communication between bank and customer. The underlying concept is "more technology, less people". The bank carries out fewer and fewer cash transactions and the new offices now have, for example, rooms for videoconferencing. The individual branches exhibit a high standard of materials and original design. They are characterised by natural materials, wood and living walls.

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Interior design

The optimum layout of furnishings with regards to available space and purpose.

Project management

Working from the shell including utilities and demolition work. Monitoring of progress of the project.


Creating and supplying (custom) interior fixtures and furniture.

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A comprehensive and bespoke solution

Together with the customer, we worked out the entire project, from the planning phase. We then drew up the individual space plans in collaboration with the architects; from obtaining a building permit to the actual installation works.

We were involved on the project from the moment of the space planning, which means we are aware of all its aspects and can identify the most suitable solutions. In order to ensure that the branch could carry on working during renovation, we also supplied mobile branches. We are responsible not just for the actual provision of these temporary premises, but also for getting them up and running.
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