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Facilitating hybrid working

In the last three years we’ve carried out research into trends in the working environment of the future. The outcome of this indicates a growing need for hybrid working, which facilitates various forms of working. The acoustic boxes featuring in the Ahrend Qabin Collection contribute to various ways of working and boost productivity. Qabin solutions increase concentration inside and outside the box. The acoustic box collection includes: Qabin Call (1 person), Qabin Chat (2 people) and Qabin Meet (4 to 6 people). But which boxes suit your working environment?

Choose the right number and type of box

The number and type of boxes you choose depends, of course, on the area and layout of the room, department or floor. Our interior studio can advise you on this. The Qabin Collection comes in three variants, which vary in size and also support different activities.

Qabin Call

This box is for one person and is ideal for short video or phone calls and when you need to concentrate on your work.

Qabin Chat

This box is suitable for one to two people, in which you can work alone or collaborate.

Qabin Meet (XL)

This spacious box is for four to six people and is especially suitable for a (hybrid) meeting, briefing or brainstorming session.

Determining requirements

To find out exactly what a team, department or organisation needs, it is advisable to evaluate what the requirements are among colleagues, for example by conducting a survey. This should involve asking open questions such as: What kind of work do you want to do in an enclosed space? But also: Which days do you work in the office? The increased frequency of working from home has led to a drop in the daily occupancy level in offices. The information obtained from a survey can help you choose the right amount and box type.

To determine the required number of boxes, we generally base it on the number of employees. For instance, we recommend 1 Qabin Call per 10 employees, 1 Qabin Chat per 15 employees and 1 Qabin Meet per 20 employees.

Making choices

Which Qabin suits your working environment best depends, therefore, mainly on the location, the needs of your employees and what activities they perform.

The Qabin Collection is a modular office solution and can be tailored to your employees' requirements.  The entire collection is therefore available in a variety of configurations. We are happy to advise you on this and provide recommendations in terms of placement, design of the working environment and optimum occupancy. Request a consultation or schedule a visit to our showroom.

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Envie d’en savoir plus ?

Voulez-vous savoir quel(s) Ahrend Qabin(s) convient(s) à votre façon de travailler et à votre environnement de travail? Nous sommes heureux de vous aider.