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Circular Hub

In our 12,000 m² Circular Hub in the Netherlands, we’ve brought together all of our circular expertise and manufacturing facilities. Here, we give a second lease of life to used furniture - office furniture that Ahrend has bought back or received as customer returns.

Our way of working

NL Royal Ahrend illustration of Circular Hub process steps
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Buying used furniture

We start by buying up used furniture in lots. Our furniture makers specialise in assessing not only our own Ahrend and Gispen brands but also other premium brands. You can always rely on a fair and transparent valuation based on the actual residual value of the product. So you know for sure that everyone is getting the same fair price.

Quality inspection

Next, we inspect each item of furniture for functionality, technical components (electronics) and signs of use, such as scratches or worn upholstery. If the product requires attention on any of the above points, it is sent to the revitalisation workshop. Here, our technicians may fit an office chair with new castors, reupholster a seat or replace the electric sit-stand system on a desk, for example.

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In the picture

Is the product ready for use? Then we take a photograph of it in our own studio. We do not edit these photos, so any signs of use will remain visible in the photo. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Ready for a second life

Once the furniture has been sold, it can be shipped to the customer. Before it is loaded, we give it a thorough clean and run some final checks. In order to prevent damage during transport, we work with our own couriers or specialist furniture transporters. They deliver the products ready for use. This entails placing the furniture in the desired location and immediately taking away all packaging material.

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40% - 90%

lower CO2-emissions in comparison with new sustainable furniture


products are revitalised by us every month

12,000 m2

storage space for revived furniture

Unilever's experience

Our circular specialists ensure that these products can enjoy another long life in a different location. A good example is the Unilever Food Innovation Centre. No less than 95% of the furniture consists of reused products from other Unilever offices.

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