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Optimise hybrid working

We are seeing a growing need for an integrated solution for video calls, focused working and (online) meetings. With Ahrend's acoustic boxes and image and sound solutions from Jabra, you offer your employees an optimal hybrid workplace.


High-quality image and sound for video calls


Hybrid meetings for groups


High concentration due to optimal acoustics & ventilation

Qabin Chat Focus, 2020 Verta, Balance, Aero, Well   squarem
Video calling is the order of the day in the hybrid work environment...
...and for online sales pitches, or where video calls have replaced business travel, you want to appear as professional as possible.
Qabin Chat Focus, Balance, Ease, Concentration Corner, Switch, Sliding door Cabinet, Ease   squarem
Qabin Chat Focus, 2020 Verta, Balance, Aero, Well   squarexl
Combine the acoustic properties of the Qabin Chat with Jabra’s professional video and audio solutions to take your video conferencing to the next level.
For hybrid group meetings, the Ahrend Flexbox is an ideal solution.
Flexbox, 1200, Ease   squarem
Kaigan XL, Flexbox, Well Work, 314, Qabin Call, Qabin Chat Focus   squarem
The acoustic properties of the Flexbox ensure optimal acoustics both inside and outside the box...
... and thanks to the excellent ventilation system, it never feels stuffy.
Flexbox, Balance, Ease, Sliding door cabinet, 2020 Extra Verta, Team_Up   squarem
Flexbox, 1200, Ease   squarem
High-quality video and audio are essential to hybrid conferencing...
... a Jabra speakerphone improves clarity...
Qabin Chat Focus, 2020 Verta, Balance   squarem
Silence Chat Connect Low, Well   squarem
... and the 4K, 180-degree field of vision of the Jabra PanaCast ensures everyone is clearly visible during the video conference.
These tools are also perfect for when you want to hold a video call with a colleague. The Silence Chat is ideal for such meetings with fewer people.
Silence Chat Connect Low, Well   squarem
Flexbox, 1200, Ease   squarem
De cette façon, vous pouvez transformer les boîtiers acoustiques Ahrend en un espace de consultation hybride, parfait pour des appels vidéo confortables et professionnels.
The acoustic boxes in the Ahrend space-in-space collections are available with a Jabra upgrade and are compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google, and more.

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