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Ahrend is delighted to announce the appointment of Romain Bourboulon as Managing Director France. Romain will take up the position of Managing Director on March 1 2023, and will be based in Paris.


Romain will bring a lot of experience and knowledge of our industry and also of the French market. With his French network he will be an important addition to the commercial team of Royal Ahrend. Romain previously worked for Steelcase, Office Depot and Eol among others. In his last role, Romain was Head of Business Development at Pro Am. Here he managed and collaborated with a network of 25 Steelcase dealers across French Speaking  Markets in Europe. We can assume that Romain with his French network and his knowledge of the office furniture industry in combination with his enthusiasm and leadership skills will be an important addition to the commercial team of Royal Ahrend.

Ahrend Portrait Romain Bourboulon in front of office Sint Oedenrode


“I am very pleased to welcome Romain to our team in Western Europe. He has a great knowledge of our industry and he has a large network in France. With Romain, Ahrend France gets a highly motivated, experienced and competent leader. I have every confidence that he will give Ahrend France a positive impulse.”  says Commercial Director Western Europe, Jelle van der Kolk.

Romain Bourboulon: “I am thrilled to join Royal Ahrend and honoured with the opportunity to contribute to the fantastic journey Ahrend started more than 125 years ago. I look forward to work with the French team on creating vitalising workspaces for our customers and to attract talents to shape the sustainable growth of Ahrend France. I can't wait to meet our customers and business partners, so let’s start!”

Ahrend is pleased to have attracted Romain to continue the strong tradition in providing customers in France with sustainable and vitalising workspaces.

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