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Ahrend is delighted to announce the appointment of Felix Kröncke to succeed Peter Poggenpohl who decided to leave Ahrend as Managing Director Germany. Felix will take up the position of Managing Director on April 19 2022, and will be based in Cologne.


Felix will bring a lot of experience and knowledge of our industry and also of the German market. With his relevant German network he will be an important addition to the commercial team of Royal Ahrend. Felix previously worked for Gabriel, Hulsta and Haworth, among others. In his role at Haworth, Felix had a lot of contact with large international customers, he built organisational capabilities, and was responsible for overall business delivery in a senior role.

colour portrait of Felix Kroncke

“I am pleased to welcome Felix to our team in Western Europe. He has a great track record in Germany and will further shape our ambitious growth in Germany. With Felix, Ahrend Germany gets a highly motivated, experienced and competent leader. I have every confidence that he will give Ahrend Germany a positive impulse.”  says Commercial Director Western Europe, Jelle van der Kolk.

Felix Kröncke: “ I am very much looking forward to joining Ahrend as Managing Director in Germany with immediate effect. The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work. Hybrid work and sustainability are top of mind today. With its 125 years of experience, this is the focus of Ahrend and Ahrend supports companies worldwide in their implementation of sustainable and hybrid working environments. Next to that, timeless design and top quality products from Ahrend’s own production sites create the basis for a successful process. The German market is facing exactly these challenges and I am looking forward to helping companies with sustainable and future-proof office interiors from Ahrend.”

Ahrend is pleased to have attracted Felix to continue the strong tradition in providing customers in Germany with sustainable and vitalising workspaces.

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