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Back in the 90s, Ahrend was involved in the development of Ecodesign, the European guideline for environmentally-friendly product design. New products are always designed in a modular way in accordance with these guidelines, and components and materials are easily separated for recycling and reuse. We looked at a range of furnishing solutions and improved them according to the Ecodesign directive. The A220 office chair from 1994 was one of the first Ecodesign products in the world. Since then, the Ecodesign principles have been a standard feature of our product development.

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We have also integrated the cradle-to-cradle principle into our product development. Not only do we ensure a reduction in material use, we also look at the quality of the used materials. Ideally, in the Circular Economy you use only good quality, healthy and safe materials.

An independent external party (EPEA) analyses the circular properties of our materials. This is how we know that only safe substances are used at our manufacturing sites: safe for everyone who produces the materials, for our co-workers who work with the materials and also for our customers who use our products. It’s in the interest of everyone’s well-being and that of the environment too.
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Beispiele: Well Sessel und Well Circular Black

Die rundsten Modelle der Well Collection sind der PET-Filzsessel und der Circular Black. Der Sitz des Circular Black besteht aus Polypropylen: einem zu 100% recycelten Post-Consumer-Kunststoff. Es wurden keine Zugeständnisse in Bezug auf Stil, Komfort oder Qualität gemacht.

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    Revived Kollektion

    Wir geben gebrauchte Büroausstattung ein neues Leben für zukunftssichere Lösungen, die sich so gut wie neu anfühlen.

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    Furniture as a Service

    For a fixed monthly fee, Ahrend Furniture as a Service delivers you vitalising workspaces that can easily be adapted to the changing needs.

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    Our sustainability ambitions and objectives are closely related to our vision: to create Vitalising Workspaces.

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