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随意而时尚。雅致而坚固。这些,Ahrend Aero全部具备。A字形桌腿丝毫不妨碍您的腿部自由。转动腿,使两条腿的夹角呈45度,以获得更俏皮的外观。搭配时尚的白色、绿色或哑光黑色柴郡灯,看起来就更完美了。 荣获2016年GIO优秀工业设计奖。


Ahrend Aero是非正式聊天或协作会议理想的桌子。借助易于使用的桌面电源,您可以轻松地为笔记本电脑或平板电脑充电。或者选择内置的Ahrend PuK,轻松进行智能手机无线充电。
Royal Ahrend Showroom in Brussels 06


  • Rectangular steel pipe legs (80 x 40 mm) attached to the frame
  • 22 mm Monotop with seamless lasered edging
  • The top is supported by a subtle steel frame, with overhang of 600 mm
  • Tables at standing height with twisted legs for better stability
  • Fixed height of 75 cm and standing height 110 cm
  • Legs can be placed in a straight A-formation or below 45 degrees
  • Legs and frame in standard Ahrend lacquer colours or solid matt oak wood
  • Steel leg with adjustment foot and integrated vertical cabling
  • Integrated Cheshire LED 3-colour lampshade table lamp
  • Separation elements for more privacy
  • 12 mm Ciranol top in various finishing
  • Available in various depth dimensions up to 160 cm
  • Available in various width dimensions up to 520 cm
  • Complete cable management and plug & play