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Good sitting

Seat adjustment is often not a priority. That is why TURN has a motion mechanism that suits every user, because it automatically adjusts to the body weight. Nothing needs to be set up. Adjusting the seat height is easy; there is only one lever. The flexible netweave covering ensures the correct pressure distribution.

TMNL Agile, Turn, Asido, Dombo, Low Res Elephant   landscapem
  • Height adjustable
  • Black plastic frame
  • Black netweave covering
  • Black plastic star base
  • Universal castors for both hard and soft floors
  • Light grey plastic frame
  • Netweave covering in beige, light grey or anthracite
  • Armrests
  • Light grey plastic or polished aluminium star base
  • Soft wheels for hard floors or hard wheels for soft floors
  • Plastic gliders for hard or soft floors
TMNL Agile, Turn, Asido, Dombo, Low Res Elephant   landscapem


Frame, netweave covering and star base are available in various colours. Armrests are optional. TURN steals the show in every meeting room.

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Royal Ahrend office project interior view of Ven co DB  in Wateringen SP07

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