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Thanks to the wide selection of bases, you can give Triennial the functionality that is right for you. Bases are interchangeable, meaning you can use the chairs multifunctionally. The two upholstered parts of the chair can be upholstered in duo-tone. This allows you to create unique combinations that suit your environment. The chairs from the series go well with each other; the overall picture remains composed because your choices come from a single chair family.

Gispen Dukdalf table round in black with Thunderball pendant lamp and Triennial Classic chairs in front of backpanel front view
  • Modular design, parts are interchangeable
  • Fully duo-tone upholstered shell
  • Removable cover
  • High level of seating comfort
  • Brushed chrome base
  • Hard gliders for soft floors
  • Universal castors for both hard and soft floors
  • Collection complies with EN 16139:2013
  • 16 versions
  • Some versions stackable up to 4 units
  • 2 types of armrests: metal or upholstered
  • Armrests upholstered in the same fabric as seat
  • Metal base lacquered black or white
  • Soft gliders for hard floors
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Circularity has been taken into account in the design of Triennial:

  • Acoustic panels are made from the fabric residues, so no waste
  • Wide choice of sustainable fabrics
  • Detachable cover
  • All parts are interchangeable and easy to replace

Triennial meets all your needs, now and in the future. The chair is easy to adapt to new needs when it comes to function or appearance - even after several years of use. This is possible due to the modular and universal components used in the chair. Adjustments can be made at your location.

‘Welcoming someone with a friendly and personal gesture is just as important to us as offering a comfortable chair. To create this feeling, we designed a recognizable cushion-like shape on the backrest, a shape that everyone associates with comfort.’
BERNOTAT&CO designer

TEAM Project wheels, Triennial Project   landscapem
TEAM Wood round high, Triennial Work High   landscapem
TMNL, Triennial Manage, Outline, Asido, Dombo   landscapem
Triennial Classic   portraitm
Royal Ahrend Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam DSF3309

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