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Good sitting

ZINN Multi is equipped with an autofit-synchronous movement mechanism as standard. This mechanism automatically chooses the best position based on the height and weight of the user. It also allows the user to adjust the chair for more active or lazier sitting by moving forward or backwards. The optional tilt movement mechanism allows the user to adjust the chair for more active or lazier sitting by moving forward or backwards. Both mechanisms offer high comfort and optimal support.

  • Autofit-synchronous movement mechanism
  • Black plastic backrest
  • Black netweave backrest
  • Fixed armrests
  • Fixed upholstered seat
  • Black plastic star base
  • Universal castors for both hard and soft floors
  • Precision adjustment for autofit-synchronous movement mechanism
  • Tilt movement mechanism
  • Light grey plastic backrest
  • Wide choice of netweave colours for backrest
  • 6 cm depth-adjustable upholstered seat
  • Wide choice of upholstery for the seat
  • Light grey plastic or polished aluminium star base
  • Soft wheels for hard floors or hard wheels for soft floors
  • Plastic gliders for hard or soft floors


Circularity has been taken into account in the design of ZINN Multi:

  • The chair consists of 23% recycled plastic from production waste
  • 98% of ZINN Multi can be recycled in the future
  • All parts are easy to replace

ZINN Multi meets all your needs, now and in the future. The chair is easy to adapt to new needs when it comes to function or appearance - even after several years of use. This is possible due to the modular and universal components used in the chair. Adjustments can be made at your location.

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