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Research among our customers shows that 81% of respondents expect the working environment to look different permanently.

After resuming work in the office we expect that these will be the three biggest challenges in the work environment:

  • Preventing infections by 1.5m distance
  • Achieving a proportionate safe distribution of people within the work environment
  • Achieving behavioural change in the field of routing and hygiene

In addition, 84% of respondents expect employees will work from home for one or more days per week after the measures have been eased. 

‘Meeting colleagues, involvement in the organisation and facilities such as screens, are the three aspects that employees miss most when working from home.’

Personal space, safety and hygiene will add a new dimension to the new working reality. Currently we see that the focus is still mainly on adaptations to the working environment in preparation for a limited return of employees to the office. The demand for a healthy workplace at home is also increasing.

The upcoming months, i.e. the period when a working vaccine is not yet available, will be marked by a limited capacity in both public transportation and the office, making partially working from home a necessity. This period requires an intelligent distribution of work between the office and at home as well as permanent safety measures to prevent the virus from spreading. This would allow us to return (safely) to the office without breaching the capacity of the public transportation or the office.

In the long term, a new working reality will emerge, in which frequently working from home is there to stay, the trend that an office is a social hub and a central feature of the corporate culture where employees like to go to meet, to encounter, to collaborate and be coached and trained will intensify. Concentrated working will take place from home more frequently, whilst business travel will be replaced by video calling from the office.


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These and other findings served as a starting point to develop a number of solutions. The solutions are not limited to furniture, but also focus on the usage of materials, technology, layout planning and behavior.

* Anonymous research among clients of Royal Ahrend

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