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The working environment of the future

The working environment as we know it is evolving at tremendous speed. The burning issues for many organisations are: ‘What does the increase in home working mean for us an organisation?’ and: ‘What does the office environment of the future look like?’ Of course, we are working hard on this at Ahrend. It is forecast that in the (near) future we will not be spending the majority of our time at a single, central location. Our vision foresees a transition to the so-called Hybrid Working Community. What does this mean for your organisation?

More about the Hybrid Working Community

Create an inspiring home workplace

Tip 1: Organize your stuff. After all, a clean desk means a clear head.

Tip 2: Decorate with plants. They provide extra oxygen and relaxation.

Tip 3: Hang a pin board. Surround yourself with inspiring photos, quotes and remind yourself of your goals for this year.

Tip 4: Ensure good lighting. A desk lamp with warm light compensates for the blue light of your screen.

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Designed from Cradle-to-Cradle guidelines


Exceeds ergonomic guidelines


Designed for 125 years from the 'Less is more' design philosophy

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When you're sitting, you have to sit well

With this checklist you can set up your office chair ergonomically. This way you are certainly well behind your desk. Nevertheless, it remains important to change your posture regularly and walk for 2 minutes every half hour.


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