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Behavioural change

Are you more likely to take the stairs over the lift if your colleague does? And are you more inspired to buy a salad for lunch when there's a big “Choose healthy” sign above it?  Both great opportunities! These are basic examples of behavioural influence based on nudging, which positively entice people to change their behaviours. A nudge literally means a little push in the right directione. The technique encourages different thinking and acting: a way to challenge and renew people! With the right look, experience and message, you create a clear and understandable context within which the change you want can take place. Ideal for organisations that want to integrate new technologies into their business model.

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Many organisations still see space planning and office interiors as nothing more than tables and chairs, and not as a means of communicating
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A nudge always has some fixed characteristics. A nudge is not an obligation, but a choice. The character is always positive and adds something to the work environment. Think of signs at the lift that encourage you to take the stairs or a silence CALL, a phone booth that will encourage people to call in a place that doesn't bother others.

Getting started with nudges

The Workplace nuding method was developed by WorkWire. This stimulates employees to create new working patterns in a positive way with rapid, concrete interventions. Do you want to get started with nudging? Then we can create an inspiring and tailor-made method together with WorkWire, which fits your organisation's DNA and is always bottom-up.
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Working with Workplace Nudging?

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